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AI That Helps You Make Intelligent Decisions

Project Management teams struggle to effectively keep all documentation up to date and relate relevant information to the field on time. The Krane Copilot breaks this barrier by searching and retrieving the most recent and up to date information for the management and field teams.

Interactive Schedule

Supply chain integrated schedule for all stakeholders

BOM and Procurement List

Complete transparency of the state of the supply chain

Recommendation System

Proactive suggestions on activities, orders annd stakeholders so that teams can take action

AI Field Engineer

Empower your workforce with accurate, up to date information, and retrieve within seconds

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Dalton McFarling photo

Krane provides the necessary visibility to control how we manage our materials on site. As a GC, we are better prepared to manage our subs and suppliers when we have better visibility on how they plan and order materials.

Dalton McFarling

Sr. Project Manager, Turner Construction Company
Zach Melton photo

Krane's Copilot has revolutionized my workflow, saving me countless hours each week. Tasks that once consumed many minutes of my day, such as scanning through numerous documents to answer my foremen’s questions, now take mere seconds thanks to its efficient automation. Its time-saving capabilities have greatly enhanced my productivity, allowing me to focus more on the pre-planning aspects of the project.

Zach Melton

Corrie Neuenss photo

Krane helped us manage the flow of material at Oshkosh, Winconsin. It was a unique challenge as we tried to control the pace of production in a manufacturing environment with the intent of matching supply and demand.

Corrie Neuenss

Sr. Project Manager, The Boldt Company