Our Story

Krane was born out of Stanford GSB late 2022, created by a group of construction professionals, machine learning experts and strategic advisors from the industry.

  • dec2023
    first product release


  • apr2024
    latest release


  • Future
    product long-term vision

    Construction Engine

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Our Core Values

Our vision is deliver projects on time and under budget. We want to leverage the best project management tools and AI to empower construction professionals with the tools they need to build better, faster, and more efficiently.


Continuously pushing the boundaries of AI to transform the construction industry


Maintaining transparency and honesty in all our operations


Streamlining processes to save time, reduce costs, and enhance productivity


Fostering strong partnerships with all industry stakeholders


Commitment to delivering superior quality in every aspect of our work

The Krane Solution

Krane's technology is built with the latest data analytics tools and cloud computing infrastructure. We use machine learning algorithms to analyze construction data and provide actionable insights to our customers.

Centralize and automate detail operations

among various stakeholders

Leverage data

to analyze performance and forecast behavior

Deliver projects on time and under budget

by controlling flow of information and materials

Dalton McFarling photo

Krane provides the necessary visibility to control how we manage our materials on site. As a GC, we are better prepared to manage our subs and suppliers when we have better visibility on how they plan and order materials.

Dalton McFarling

Sr. Project Manager, Turner Construction Company
Elie Alchaer photo

A lot of factors impact the budget and schedule a project is completed on. Krane is fundamentally changing how the industry is managing data and the supply chain by empowering teams with the right data and information to quickly adapt project plans and decisions to deliver the best quality projects faster, at lower costs. This product has saved hundreds of calls, emails, text messages and frankly outdated forms of communications.

Elie Alchaer

Director Smartlabs
Pat Haley photo

Krane lifts the veil on a sector of construction that has always been challenging to find and process that ensures consistent results - material procurement and supply chain management. Krane reduces, if not eliminates that error and ensures all parties up and down the supply chain have a long term, transparent view of project needs, and are held accountable.

Pat Haley

Construction Manager, Webcor Builders
Zach Melton photo

Krane's Supply Chain product has been an absolute game-changer for me. With its intuitive interface, I can effortlessly keep track of schedules and deliveries, ensuring everything stays on track. It has saved me valuable time that I can now dedicate to other critical aspects of the project, making it an indispensable tool in my arsenal.

Zach Melton

Zach Melton photo

Krane's Copilot has revolutionized my workflow, saving me countless hours each week. Tasks that once consumed many minutes of my day, such as scanning through numerous documents to answer my foremen’s questions, now take mere seconds thanks to its efficient automation. Its time-saving capabilities have greatly enhanced my productivity, allowing me to focus more on the pre-planning aspects of the project.

Zach Melton


I believe the Krane tool can be very helpful to expedite flow of materials from the GC to the material Supplier. The schedule feature is very nice to keep everyone up to date on what is going on and what is coming up that needs to be prepared. It is also very convenient for the supplier to know all materials that are going to be used, there for we have ample time to order and inform the contractor of lead times.

Sean Elliot

Sales Representative, L&W Supply
Corrie Neuenss photo

Krane helped us manage the flow of material at Oshkosh, Winconsin. It was a unique challenge as we tried to control the pace of production in a manufacturing environment with the intent of matching supply and demand.

Corrie Neuenss

Sr. Project Manager, The Boldt Company

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