What makes Krane Connect better

The construction engine integrates the supply chain to project management systems to increase transparency and reduce material wastage across the entire ecosystem. It also leverages LLMs to keep all stakeholders upto date with project updates.

Interactive Schedule

Supply chain integrated schedule for all stakeholders

BOM and Procurement List

Complete transparency of the state of the supply chain

Recommendation System

Proactive suggestions on activities, orders annd stakeholders so that teams can take action

AI Field Engineer

Empower your workforce with accurate, up to date information, and retrieve within seconds

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A lot of factors impact the budget and schedule a project is completed on. Krane is fundamentally changing how the industry is managing data and the supply chain by empowering teams with the right data and information to quickly adapt project plans and decisions to deliver the best quality projects faster, at lower costs. This product has saved hundreds of calls, emails, text messages and frankly outdated forms of communications.

Elie Alchaer

Director Smartlabs
Pat Haley photo

Krane lifts the veil on a sector of construction that has always been challenging to find and process that ensures consistent results - material procurement and supply chain management. Krane reduces, if not eliminates that error and ensures all parties up and down the supply chain have a long term, transparent view of project needs, and are held accountable.

Pat Haley

Construction Manager, Webcor Builders
Zach Melton photo

Krane's Supply Chain product has been an absolute game-changer for me. With its intuitive interface, I can effortlessly keep track of schedules and deliveries, ensuring everything stays on track. It has saved me valuable time that I can now dedicate to other critical aspects of the project, making it an indispensable tool in my arsenal.

Zach Melton


I believe the Krane tool can be very helpful to expedite flow of materials from the GC to the material Supplier. The schedule feature is very nice to keep everyone up to date on what is going on and what is coming up that needs to be prepared. It is also very convenient for the supplier to know all materials that are going to be used, there for we have ample time to order and inform the contractor of lead times.

Sean Elliot

Sales Representative, L&W Supply